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Kate Penn has always used drawing as a form of creative expression and knew she wanted to be a tattoo artist at a young age. Kate was born & raised in Phoenix, AZ, but has spent the last 9 years enjoying the beautiful pine forest of Flagstaff. She completed her tattoo apprenticeship in Flagstaff after graduating from Northern Arizona University with degrees in Sociology and Studio Art. 

Kate has been dedicated to the art of tattooing since 2020, with a deep-rooted passion for creating meaningful, beautiful tattoos.

Kate's approach to tattooing is both art-centered and client-centered, ensuring each session is comfortable, memorable, and fun. Her mission is to help her clients enhance their natural beauty and confidence with meticulously detailed tattoos. Specializing in illustrative blackwork, Kate's designs often highlight the intricate beauty of nature, a testament to her love for the natural world.

When she's not in the studio, Kate enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her two cats, and exploring the great outdoors with her fiancé. Her personal interests and love for nature deeply influence her artistic style, making each piece she creates a unique reflection of her clients' personalities and the world around them. She is always down to talk scary movies & Will Ferrel's iconic "Land of the Lost."  

Kate is excited to embark on this new journey in Fort Collins, eager to share her passion and artistic vision with a new community. 



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